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Adeka SA : past and present

In the early 1960s, Vitalberto Di Lullo set up a business in Bienne to manufacture cams for bar turning machines. With a view to diversifying his range, he invested in a milling machine and four lathes.

Turning very soon became his speciality, and he decided to embark on the adventure of bar turning. After having converted the cellars of his family home and built an extension in his garden, he moved into new premises at 50, Route de Reuchenette, Bienne. This was the foundation of Adeka SA in 1972.

In 1983 Stefano, the elder of his two sons, after completing his technician's training at technical college, joined the company. Keeping a close watch on technological developments, in 1985 the company upgraded its machine base with the purchase of its first CNC lathe.

With the arrival in 1993 of the younger son, Luciano, with an engineering degree, the destiny of the society passed into the hands of the second generation. With this injection of new energy, demand rose and we decided to take the next step forward. In 1999, we moved into our own premises in the Pieterlen industrial zone (near Bienne).

Our company today

We have a production area of nearly 1,000 m2, and our 21 CNC machines enable us to undertake increasingly complex machining operations.

Simpler parts are produced rationally on our 8 cam-controlled machines. Every year, our 10-man team, guarantor of the quality of our products, supplies nearly 3,000,000 parts. 80% of our production is delivered to the Swiss market. The remaining 20% is exported within Europe, mainly to Germany and Italy.


Latest news

Annual holidays 2023

Summer holiday : 17.07.2023 - 04.08.2023
Winter holiday     : 25.12.2023 - 05.01.2024